TCC Press Review 19 Oct 2019

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30-year prison sentence for the murder of a woman

The chief judge of the Nicosia Criminal Court Nüvit Gazi who read out the sentence: “Punishments should deter criminals and should set a precedent”

Kıbrıs Postası

“I will open the floodgates to flood Famagusta”

Dörtyol (Prastio) mukhtar Salih Erel is fed up of having to deal with floods that regularly hit the village. Erel threatens to open floodgates on the river from Dörtyol (Prastio) to Famagusta unless measures are taken soon. Mukhtar Erel says the primary source of income for the villagers is cattle farming but the barns are frequently flooded during the rainy winter months leading to thousands of Turkish Lira in damage and loss of income. Mukhtar Erel wants measures to be implemented without any delay.


Özgürgün shocked after his accounts frozen

All bank accounts belonging to National Unity Party (UBP) MP Hüseyin Özgürgün and his wife İnci Pars have been frozen following a court injunction. The injunction is also extended to their immovable properties.


Power generators to Africa

Aksa Energy Production (Aksa Enerji Üretim) is claimed to have attempted to ship to Africa a power generator which has been kept in storage at the state warehouse for the past two-and-a-half years without any payment of warehouse storage fees. Aksa had imported the power generator in 2017 but was unable to clear from customs after it emerged the generator did not have an import permit. Aksa now owes the state more than ₺10 million in unpaid rent. The daily cost of keeping the generator in storage is ₺11,000 including value-added tax (VAT).


Debt is ₺12 million

Village cooperatives haven’t been audited for more than 20 years. Registrar of Cooperative Companies Kemal Deniz Dana who spoke to Diyalog said that a legal inquiry has been launched into corruption allegations at the Taşkent (Vouno) and Mallıdağı (Melounta) cooperatives.


Ceasefire in Syria won’t last for 45 years

Turkey is being accused of using chemical gas in Syria. British chemical weapons expert claimed that the Turkish army used white phosphorous during the operation.

  • MDP takes Çakar to court in Turkey – National Democracy Party in Turkey announced that it has filed a case against Ahmet Çakar for insulting Akıncı.

Main News

UBP & HP coalition in full harmony

Kıbrıs Postası
Governance and Power Sharing


“UBP and HP coalition are in full agreement on issues ranging from the Cyprus problem to the economy, from financial matters to relations with Turkey,” Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said during a visit to İskele (Trikomo) on Thursday evening with members of his cabinet.

Tatar said the country had entered a new era and praised the coalition government’s success in improving the Turkish Cypriot economy. Tatar pointed out the importance of stability and consistency for economic development.

Speaking during the meeting, Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay pointed to the importance of harmony and accord in the current government.

He recalled that the governments in the north rarely completed their normal term.

“The government has also put forward some groundbreaking ideas in foreign policy that is being discussed both in Turkey and in the Greek Cypriot side,” Özersay said.

He added the government will continue to raise these issues in the international arena to “make the TRNC more visible.”

Özersay said that some of the recent statements made in the north by Akıncı had caused great disappointment within the government, adding that they fully supported Turkey’s anti-terror efforts.

“It is now time to focus on the country rather than political parties,” Özersay concluded.

Tatar (UBP)
>> UBP and HP coalition are in full agreement on issues ranging from the Cyprob to the economy and from the financial matters to relations with Turkey.
>> The country has entered a new era with the UBP & HP coalition.

Özersay (HP)
>> The government has also put forward groundbreaking ideas in foreign policy that are being discussed both in Turkey & in the GC side.
>> The government will continue to raise these issues in the international arena to “make the TRNC more visible.”
>> The government is fully supportive of Turkey’s anti-terror efforts.
>> It is now time to focus on the country rather than political parties.

The fight against human trafficking awaits legislation

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
Human Rights


Turkish Cypriot Minister of Interior Ayşegül Baybars said on Friday that efforts to prepare legislation on human trafficking were continuing with the support of the European Commission and the EU Coordination Centre.

Baybars was speaking at a panel organized on Friday as part of events marking EU Anti-Trafficking Day.

The aim of this year’s EU Anti-Trafficking Day event was to increase awareness on the rights of human trafficking victims and to highlight best practices in victim support services, Ayşegül said.

Delivering an opening speech, Baybars underlined the importance of involving legal experts, lawyers and human rights organizations in preparing legislation to address the problem of human trafficking.

Baybars also said that training seminars to police and law enforcement to raise awareness on the issue was also vital.

Also speaking, the Head of the European Commission’s Unit for Cyprus Settlement Support Kjartan Björnson pointed out that human trafficking was a serious crime and violation of human rights.

He said that progress has been achieved in preventing human trafficking but added there was still much work to do.

“Human trafficking is a security issue which surpasses borders. It needs to be addressed as a whole. The source, the transit and the final destination country.

Björnson said that the EU supported four Turkish Cypriot civil society organisations to be involved in various projects that will be funded through the EU financial assistance programme.

“A joint effort involving politicians, legal institutions, the business community, the migration department, the health services and the police force is needed,” he added.

Björnson said that the EU was prepared to provide all necessary technical and financial support to address the issue.

He also drew attention to the absence of legislation in the north of Cyprus as stated by the latest US State Department Report on Human Trafficking.

“I’m pleased to see a serious willingness and commitment from the Turkish Cypriot authorities in preparing the necessary legislation that will recognize human trafficking as a crime in the north,” he added.

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