GCC Press Review 15 July 2021

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The safepass mandatory even at the kiosk!

Closer and closer to taking additional measures. Yesterday we reached 1,120 cases.

  • National Council: All the eggs in Biden’s basket
  • 47 years have passed: The coup and laughable Nikolakis


Measures at transmission points

Scientists are asking for targeted restrictions at the places were the virus spreads.

  • Actions in two fronts for Famagusta: Decisions at the National Council
  • The streets in the occupied areas filled with posters of Erdogan
  • Two states side by side, Ersin Tatar insists
  • Coup : 15 July 1974 – Their ‘coordination’ was criminally excellent
  • Captives at Adana in August 1974: Shocking unpublished photographs of Greek Cypriots


Sirens are blasting for Varosha and for the whole of Cyprus

“If Varosha is lost, so will anything that has to do with territory and the solution of the Cyprus problem.”

  • Mishiaoulis who was murdered during the coup was honoured
  • Covid-19: Wards are being closed and surgeries are being postponed due to increase in hospitalisations

Cyprus Mail

UN, EU have to act on Varosha

Efforts underway to prevent Varosha fait accompli ‘very difficult’ says Disy

  • Advisory team ponders new measures after surge in cases


Asphyxiating pressing on the unvaccinated

Coronavirus getting rougher, one dead and 1,120 new cases yesterday.

  • The difficulties for Famagusta getting closer: National Council – Mobilisations to deter Erdogan’s faits accomplis
  • Mehmet Ali Talat: With Turkey’s policy the Turkish Cypriots are being erased
  • Toula Onoufriou: Natural gas explorations held so far have been successful. Cyprus’ natural gas resources competitive
  • We’ve burnt…: 21 fires in 15 days

Main News

National Council discusses Varosha

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis


President Nicos Anastasiades said Wednesday he expected the UN and the EU to react accordingly to any Turkish actions concerning Varosha, as the National Council discussed the matter during a marathon meeting.

“Every effort aims to prevent any fait accompli sought by Turkey through the presence or the announcements of the Turkish president,” Anastasiades said according to the dailies. He was speaking during a reception at the French Ambassador’s residence to mark Bastille Day. Anastasiades said representations were being made “and what I expect is for the UN and the EU to react according to Turkey’s behaviour”.

After the National Council meeting that lasted almost four hours, Anastasiades said in a tweet that they “exchanged views in a constructive atmosphere over the resumption of the negotiation process, but mainly over a response to the Turkish provocations”. According to Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos some decisions were taken that will be implemented depending on developments.

Haravgi reports that these decisions involved the issuing of an announcement calling on all former Varosha residents to not return under TC administration and to detail the risks involved in such a move, in the event that such an invitation is extended to them from Turkey. The paper reports that other decisions involved legal initiatives aiming to make things difficult for Turkey. The National Council also agreed to re-convene an emergency meeting if the need arises during the arrival of the Turkish President in the north.

Haravgi reports citing information that many suggestions for measures were tabled during the National Council meeting, including a suggestion to close crossing points. The government and political parties however have chosen to not disclose any information regarding suggestions made or decisions taken, pending developments.

Phileleftheros reports that the government is planning on moving on two fronts to curb Turkish plans for Varosha, with the first being diplomatic mobilisations and the second being legal measures. Specifically, the paper writes that Nicosia will firstly request the convening of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, where it will table specific measures that the EU must take in reaction to Turkish actions. Utilising its veto power to block an EU-Turkey positive agenda is also an option for Nicosia. Nicosia is also mulling moves that could be made towards the UN Security Council, including a risky scenario that involves pursuing a new resolution on Varosha.

Regarding the possible legal measures that may be taken, as outlined by Attorney-General Giorgos Savvides, Phileleftheros reports that these could involve a transnational appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, though the large number of appeals that may be made to the immovable properties commission (IPC) may weaken this appeal. Another scenario also involves requesting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice.

DISY leader Averof Neophytou said after the meeting that things were “extremely difficult” as regards Varosha. He said that the joint effort of all, government and parties, was required to prevent new faits accomplis “that on the one hand will have very negative consequences for the fenced area of Famagusta and on the other hand will create insurmountable difficulties in finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem.”

Politis reports that what came out of the discussion is that hopes for dynamic reactions by third parties in the event that Varosha is reopened are limited. The paper writes that Neophytou stressed that efforts are required to mobilise a strong international force that could persuade Turkey to change course not only as regards Varosha but also more generally as regards the Cyprus problem. Politis reports that both Neophytou and the government believe that the front-runner for this force should be US President Joe Biden.

Famagusta Mayor Simos Ioannou, who was also present at the meeting, said “we are at the most difficult juncture of the Cyprus issue. It is very difficult for the talks to start, and we still have this issue of the fenced area of Famagusta.” Ioannou said that if Erdogan announces that GC residents may return under TC administration it will cause confusion and division among the people of Famagusta.

Ioannou said that Varosha was only 16% of the whole city of Famagusta. “Our municipal boundaries are 38 square kilometres and this part is 6.4. But if this part is lost, the whole of Cyprus will be lost, everything related to the territorial issue and the settlement of the Cyprus problem will be lost.”

Politis reports that circles of former Varosha residents intend to claim their properties there through the IPC. The paper writes that these circles claim that since there is little mobility as regards the Cyprus problem, and since the UN Secretary General’s (UNSG) last report on Cyprob placed responsibility on Anastasiades for the current conditions of non-solution, they have no choice but to give it a shot through the IPC. They said that not only will they return to live in Varosha, but they will also pursue a relocation allowance from the government, as was offered to GCs in Rizokarpaso and Maronites in Kormakitis.

Meanwhile, the dailies report that the UNSG’s Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq on Tuesday reiterated during the daily press briefing, that the status of Varosha remains unchanged.

UN & EU must react accordingly to any Turkish actions concerning Varosha
>> Every effort aims to prevent any fait accompli sought by Turkey

Neophytou (DISY)
>> Things are extremely difficult as regards Varosha
>> Joint effort of all is required to prevent new faits accomplis that on the one hand will have very negative consequences for Varosha and on the other hand will create insurmountable difficulties in finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem

Haq (UN)
>> The status of Varosha remains unchanged

Erdogan says north visit will prove Turkey’s determination

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his visit to the north on July 20 will boost the north’s morale and will send a strong message across the world of Turkey’s determination, the dailies report.

Erdogan was speaking at the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday. The dailies also write citing TC media that the ‘municipalities’ of Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta have filled the streets with posters depicting Erdogan and TC leader Ersin Tatar to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the Turkish invasion and Erdogan’s arrival to the north.

The dailies also report on statements issued by Tatar, who said the “book of federation has closed,” adding that TCs have not and will not join in the game being played by GCs and will continue to support a two-state solution. Tatar said the GC side’s dream of ‘enosis’ is still alive and well, adding that the TC people have developed into an independent people with their own state.

Erdogan (Turkey)
Visit to the north will boost north’s moral and send strong message of Turkey’s determination

>> The book of the federation has closed
>> Support for two-state solution
>> GC side’s dream of enosis is still alive and well
>> TC people have developed into an independent people with their own state

Parties condemn 1974 coup on 47th anniversary

Alithia, Haravgi
External Security


Parties issued announcements condemning the coup d’état of July 15, 1974 on the eve of the 47th anniversary on Wednesday.

According to Alithia, which writes that the coup paved the way for the Turkish invasion that continues to trouble the island to this day, AKEL said in its announcement that July 15, 1974 is the day of the greatest betrayal against the Cypriot people, which was carried out by Greek and GC fascist forces. AKEL said the coup and invasion formed part of a broader NATO plan for the partition of Cyprus and was carried out, consciously and in a coordinated fashion, by the Greek junta, EOKA B and Turkey’s Attila.

DIKO’s announcement sends a message of resistance, stressing that it remains stable on the path of honour, struggle and defence of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC). It said it stands in resistance to Turkish plans for a two-state solution or a confederation, as well as to the lack of punishment and accountability of Turkey and to all those elements which lead to the weakening of the RoC and its negotiating power as regards the Cyprus problem.

On its part, EDEK is on Thursday organising an anti-occupation event to condemn the coup and Turkish invasion to honour the fallen.

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