TCC Press Review 23 Oct 2021

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And now we have a budget crisis

Uncertainty looms over parliament and politics endangering the 2022 budget. Speaking to Yenidüzen, Finance Minister Undersecretary Cengiz Çoli warned that problems will be experienced if the budget isn’t passed. It won’t be easy to carry out day-to-day activities.

  • I’m still a candidate. I will be giving my final decision on Monday” National Unity Party (UBP) MP Ersan Saner broke his silence to Yenidüzen reporter Mert Özdağ. Three arrests over video scandal.


Society becomes more frustrated and intolerant!

Senior clinical psychologist Bade Yaya says the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, economic problems, increase in the value of the foreign currencies, constant price hikes, difficulties in making ends meet, the ongoing uncertainty in the country, political instability and other problems are taking a toll on the public’s psychology.

  • Those who filmed the scandal video and those who helped retrieve the video after it was deleted were arrestedOne woman, a total of three people were arrested by the police upon Prime Minister Ersan Saner’s complaint. The court ordered the suspects to be remanded for three days. 


The UBP’s fate lies in this case

Following Prime Minister Ersan Saner’s complaint, P.G and two others involved in the recording of the scandalous video were arrested. The police are searching for a third suspect.

  • The UN Security Council’s (UNSC) guarantees are sufficient Nicos Christodoulides who met with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asked for support for the amendment of outdated guarantees.


More and worse videos are on the way

Fearless journalist Memduh Bayraktaroglu claimed, “more and worse videos are on the way.” He added one of those videos belong to a close relative of one of the most important persons for both Cyprus and the Turkish nation…Bayraktaroglu said: “They have tarnished Cyprus, throwing it in mud…”

  • Three arrested, police searching for one more – Ersan Saner filed a complaint with the police regarding the video.
  • “It could have happened to anyone” – Ersan Saner, who said he will make his final decision whether to withdraw from candidacy or not for the National Unity Party (UBP) congress on Monday, spoke about the video.

Main News

Tatar: “Two-state solution w/ TCs’ sovereignty & Turkey’s guarantees”

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process, Property, Territory


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar on Friday reiterated his position and proposed a solution model vis-à-vis the Cyprus problem. Speaking during the opening ceremony held for the Turkic Council Media Forum in Istanbul, he said the Turkish Cypriot side has tabled a new vision for a settlement on the island.

“Our new vision is based on a two-state model, not on a partnership republic,” Tatar said, adding that “We want an agreement that will safeguard the Turkish Cypriot people’s sovereignty and will ensure the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees.”

Tatar also noted there have been two sides in Cyprus since Turkey’s rightful intervention in 1974. Earlier on Friday, Tatar, speaking in Ankara, said Maraş (Varosha) was ancestral land inherited from their Turkish forefathers.

He recalled that religious foundations were established in Maraş (Varosha) following the Ottoman conquest of the island, claiming that the British colonial administration had unlawfully transferred ownership of the properties in question to Greek Cypriots which later transformed the area into a tourism hot spot.

“When we said it was time to reopen Maraş (Varosha), the idea was embraced by Ankara,” Tatar said, adding that a process to gradually reopen the fenced-off town for settlement was underway. Tatar also noted that Maraş (Varosha) initiative had added political and economic strength to the north.

TC side desires an agreement that will safeguard TCs’ sovereignty & ensure the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees.

Swedish officials and Journalists’ Association looking for ways of collaboration

Human Rights


The Turkish Cypriot Journalists’ Association (KTGB), Swedish officials and the Swedish Fojo Media Institute are looking for ways to implement a similar project the Institute is already implementing in 20 other countries, Yenidüzen reported on Saturday.  

The parties during a meeting on Friday emphasized the importance of identifying what the media might need in Cyprus and focused on the possibility of implementing a project to promote good journalism on the island.

The Swedish officials discussed what Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot journalists could do together during a seminar held at the Home for Cooperation (H4C). They also met with representatives of the Turkish Cypriot media.

Head of the Turkish Cypriot Journalists’ Association Emin Akkor and association’s board members, Peter Weiderud, Deputy Director of UN policies, conflict and humanitarian affairs at the Swedish Foreign Ministry and Lars Tallert, president of the International Development and Policies division of the Institute and Swedish representative to UNESCO’s IPDC inter-country council representative attended the meeting.

Suspect charged with the crime of human trafficking from south to the north

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security


A Turkish Cypriot man is being charged for ‘human smuggling and trafficking,’ the dailies report on Saturday. Informing the court, the police officer in charge of the investigation said the police found and arrested the suspect on October 20 in Famagusta following the testimony of another suspect A.T detained by police on the same day.

A.T, who has both Syrian and Turkish nationality, was identified by the police through regular controls and was taken under police custody for residing in the north unlawfully. A.T told the police the suspect had helped him cross to the north in the booth of his car for €400 through the Beyarmudu (Pergamos) crossing point.

Both have been remanded in police custody for another five more days until the police conclude their investigation. On the other hand, a Turkish Cypriot man was also arrested by the police within the vicinity of the Beyarmudu (Pergamos) crossing area in a military zone in possession of drugs.

The suspect confessed to purchasing drugs in the south. He is charged with the crimes of violation of a military zone, importing prohibited substances and being in possession of drugs.

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