TCC Press Review 18 Dec 2021

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This is how we have become poor

The price of everything has doubled. The Turkish Lira has become worthless, repeated price hikes have eroded the public’s purchasing power.


The reduction in VAT will not help

The government has decided to reduce the value-added tax (VAT) on cleaning products and remove the tax on some consumables completely but according to the calculations made by Kıbrıs, the move will not be ease the crisis people are facing due to rising prices. Even if the VAT cuts were to be applied to the retail prices of some goods as announced, it is unlikely it will have much of an impact on prices.

  • The applications submitted starting the election raceEight political parties submitted their list of candidates to the Higher Electoral Board (YSK) yesterday for the January 23 early general elections.


A return to the past

The Greek Cypriot Finance Minister Petrides said that Turkish Cypriots working in the south is not only good economically but a positive development in terms of politics. The opportunity provided by the partnership between Türk-Sen (Turkish Cypriot Federation of Labour Unions) and SEK for 8000 jobs in the south has pleased both the Greek Cypriot government and the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) in the south. Greek Cypriot Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides welcomed the developments. Türk-Sen head Arslan Bıçaklı who spoke to Diyalog said that the number of applications in the past two days had reached 345. The list he added included a doctor and an engineer.

  • Carmel storm is arrivingThe TRNC and Greek Cypriot Meteorology Services warned of serious weather conditions for tonight and tomorrow.


Intentional exchange rates for OHAL (State of Emergency)

Some of the experts and economists, and the international community evaluate the situation in Turkish Lira against the US Dollar arguing that Tayyip Erdoğan is deliberately trying to devaluate the Turkish lira to create the conditions for declaring a state-of-emergency in the county. The value of the foreign currencies skyrocketed against the lira yesterday. There are even claims that the Sterling pound will reach ₺30. Some people in Erdoğan’s close circle also confirm the rumours. In the case of a state-of-emergency, Erdoğan will be able to seize foreign currency savings in banks; those who smuggle money abroad can be arrested unless they bring the money back and people’s under-the-mattress savings could be taken by police raids as well. OHAL will also allow him to postpone the elections in Turkey and shelve the constitution.

  • The lawsuits will not silence AvrupaBasın-Sen (Turkish Cypriot Press Workers’ Union), KTGB (the Turkish Cypriot Journalists’ Association), the Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) Mayor Mehmet Harmancı and Federal Cyprus Movement declared support to Avrupa regarding the cases filed against the daily.
  • 200 people in a few hours – Greek Cypriot media reports that nearly 200 people applied for jobs (at Türk-sen) and among them are doctors and engineers.

Main News

Turkish & TC officials condemn conclusions of the GAC

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
EU Matters


Both the Turkish and the Turkish Cypriot foreign ministries on Friday condemned the conclusion statement issued by the European Union’s General Affairs Council (GAC). They argued that the EU has acted in line with the Greek Cypriot administration under the pretext of ‘membership solidarity.’

In a written statement issued, the Turkish Cypriot foreign ministry reiterated its position on Maraş (Varosha) in view of the references made to the fenced-off town in the conclusions which call on Turkey to cease its unilateral actions in the town.

“The fenced-off town of Maraş (Varosha) is under the full sovereignty of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC),” the statement read, arguing that the GAC conclusions prove that the EU “preferred to be steered by the Greek Cypriot administration.”

“The EU is becoming more and more distant to the Turkish Cypriot people by supporting only one side on the island, under the pretext of ‘membership solidarity’ and ignoring the existence and sovereignty of the other side,” the statement stressed, reminding that the EU has not fulfilled any of its promises made in 2004 to date.

“The trust of the Turkish Cypriot people in the EU has been eroding incrementally,” it said. Furthermore, the ministry argued that the conclusions disregard the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people in the Eastern Mediterranean by putting down “unacceptable expressions” to please the Greek Cypriot side.

The ministry also argued that the EU is trying to impose outdated solution models unto the Turkish Cypriot side that are contrary to the realities on the ground. “The attempts to impose such a plan confirms our belief that the EU cannot be an impartial actor on the Cyprus issue,” the ministry concluded.

Echoing similar views, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the EU does not approach enlargement with a strategic approach.

“Instead the EU’s approach is based on membership solidarity and the narrow views of certain members,” the Turkish foreign ministry said, adding that these decisions, which are a new example of how the EU is exploited by some member states’ narrow views and selfish interests, neither contribute to Turkey-EU relations or the general interests of Europe nor do they bring the two sides any closer to the aim of creating a more positive and constructive agenda.

“We are surprised to see that the EU while making these decisions, acts as an interest group based on bargaining, not as a set of principles and values,” the statement read.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry, on the other side, said the decisions regarding the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus problem “are once again far from reality, unilateral, inconsistent and reflect the maximalist stance of the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo.”

Stressing that these decisions ignore the presence of the Turkish Cypriots, it added that the EU turned a blind eye to the provocations escalating tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean by Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration as well as their unilateral actions.

“As long as this stance of the EU continues, it cannot contribute constructively to the Cyprus problem,” the ministry underlined, calling on the bloc to see the realities on the island and stop ignoring the rights of the Turkish Cypriots.

Ertuğruloğlu (UBP)
>> GAC conclusions prove EU is being steered by GC side.
>> TCs trust in the EU is eroding incrementally as it has failed to keep its promises since 2004.
>> Conclusions disregard rights of TCs in East Med by putting down unacceptable expressions.
>> EU cannot be an impartial actor on Cyprob.

Çavuşoğlu (Turkey)
>> Conclusions are an example of how the EU is exploited by some member states.
>> Such statements do not contribute to Turkey-EU relations or the general interests of Europe.
>> Decisions on East Med & Cyprob are far from the realities, unilateral, inconsistent & reflect maximalist stance of GC-Greek duo.
>> Not possible for the EU to constructively contribute to Cyprob as long as it maintains its stance.

Ertuğruloğlu: TC side will take reciprocal steps against the GC side’s unilateral hydrocarbon activities

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa


Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu on Friday said the Turkish Cypriot side will take reciprocal steps together with Turkey to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriots.

In a statement issued from his office, Ertuğruloğlu stressed these rights are “under the threat to be usurped by the Greek Cypriot side.”

He pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side issued a new Navtex (navigational telex) on December 14 announcing its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean between December 17 and January 1, 2022, with an Italian flagged vessel named ‘Odin Finder.’

“The said activity is going to take place in the area overlapping with the blocks licenced by the TRNC to Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO),” Ertuğruloğlu said, arguing that the Greek Cypriot side “does not hesitate to usurp the equal and inalienable rights of the Turkish Cypriot people.”

He added such unilateral activities will only serve to escalate tension in the region, reminding the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side’s proposals to resolve the disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The EU in particular and the international community, in general, should realise that it is the Greek Cypriot side preventing peace and stability in the region despite Turkish Cypriot side’s warnings,” Ertuğruloğlu concluded.

Pol. parties in the north submit their list of candidates to the electoral board

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Governance & Power Sharing


Eight Turkish Cypriot political parties on Friday submitted their final list of candidates to the Higher Electoral Board (YSK) in line with the deadline set earlier for the early general elections on January 23, 2022.

The YSK will carry out eligibility controls until December 26 and announce the final and approved lists on December 27. The election campaign period will be launched on December 28.

The economic crisis has become the only focal point of the elections with no mention made by the parties on the Cyprus Issue.

The of the National Unity Party (UBP), Republican Turkish Party (CTP), People’s Party (HP), Social Democratic Party (TDP), Democratic Party (DP), Rebirth Party (YDP), Communal Liberation Party – New Forces (TKP-YG) and the Road to Independence all vowed to end the country’s economic problems as they spoke to reporters after handing in their candidates.

UBP leader Faiz Sucuoğlu promised to continue with new economic initiatives following the elections, adding that the UBP wants to come to power on its own to execute its economic plans.

CTP leader Tufan Erhürman for his part highlighted that the north has reached the brink of total collapse, stressing the vitality of the January 23 elections. He promised the CTP with its strong list of candidates will work towards ending the economic crisis.

HP leader Kudret Özersay also pointed that the country is faced with severe economic problems and argued that the people have been abandoned to their fate. He said his party has proposals to increase the people’s purchasing power amid economic collapse.

TDP leader Cemal Özyiğit, in his remarks, highlighted that his party will shape the future of the north, especially focusing on economy and health. Arguing that the Turkish Cypriots are on the brink of starvation, he said the TDP will wage a struggle to defend the Turkish Cypriots’ rights and interests.

DP leader Fikri Ataoğlu in his brief remarks said the DP will be focusing on the country’s future and young generations. He also expressed the belief that the people will give strong support to the DP in the elections.

YDP leader Erhan Arıklı expressed the belief that the people will give strong support to YDP’s candidates in the upcoming elections.

General Secretary of Road to Independence Münür Rahvancıoğlu in his remarks stressed that the party will wage a fight to reinstate the social state in the north, advocating rights for the working people and women whilst revising the tax law and improving education and health services in the north. TKP-YG leader Mehmet Çakıcı in his remarks said the TKP will change the current system in the north. Highlighting the economic problems in the north, he argued that the political parties in the parliament today have not been able to provide any solutions to the people’s problems to date.

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