TCC Press Review 17 July 2021

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‘The Turkish Cypriot people are the subjects; Turkey must establish relations on the right basis’

The Republican Turkish Party’s (CTP) Assembly listed its reasons as to why it will not be taking part in the special session of parliament which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will address. 


“Ovary” trade for ₺3,500 (€350)

An IVF expert who is also an operating doctor, the director of the IVF centre and two 19-year-old women who confessed to selling their ovaries for money last year, were placed under arrest by the judge after appearing before the court yesterday.

  • I will give good news to North Cyprus at the parliament session – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be coming to the TRNC on July 19. Speaking about his upcoming visit, Erdoğan said, “I will have messages both for the island and the world to establish peace.”
  • The CTP (Republican Turkish Party) has signed it as well – The Advisory Board of the Turkish Cypriot Parliament has approved the decision for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to address the parliament.


Excitement running high

Referring to Cyprus, Erdoğan said “we have good steps planned for Cyprus,” adding that he will be announcing the good news during his address at the TRNC parliament. Erdoğan’s statements made after Friday prayers drew attention on both sides of the island. Greek Cypriot politicians have been talking about steps Erdoğan will take on Maraş (Varosha) and planning to launch initiatives with both the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the EU.

  • An interesting situationThe fascist Greek coup was marked under the shadows of Greek flags.


The CTP also said ‘No’ to Erdoğan

Following a six-hour-long meeting that lasted until after midnight, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) party assembly also decided to boycott Erdoğan. Even though a group led by CTP leader Tufan Erhürman insisted on attending the parliamentary session, the majority of the party’s members objected to the idea. The decision was taken by majority vote…The CTP explained in detail the reasons behind the decision yesterday.

  • The HP will attend the parliamentary session – In a statement issued from the People’s Party (HP) emphasizing the need to act with prudence, the HP said “We are the hosts, and we will be on home turf that day. It is important to display the minimum courtesy which is a requirement of being a state.”
  • Home-quarantine with electronic wrist band – The Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases announced that the TRNC has now been listed in the ‘red’ category of countries.

Main News

CTP & TDP boycott Erdoğan, HP says it will attend the controversial session of parliament

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process, Governance & Power Sharing


The political parties in the north on Friday remain divided over a special session of parliament which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will address on Tuesday as part of events marking the 47th anniversary of Turkey’s military operation on the island.

Both the main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and Social Democratic Party (TDP) announced they would not be attending the session in protest of Ankara’s ignorance of opposition parties in the north.

The parties also objected to not being allowed to speak at the special session. The opposition Peoples’ Party (HP) on the other hand announced that it would be attending the session out of courtesy to both Erdoğan and state etiquette.

Interesting it emerged on Friday that both the CTP and TDP had approved the motion put before them by parliament’s decision-making body, the Advisory Board, to allow Erdoğan to address the Turkish Cypriot parliament.

In the meantime, Erdoğan, keeping the speculations about his visit alive, told reporters after Friday prayers in Istanbul, Erdoğan he would “deliver the good news” to the north while in parliament. He added that they had made good progress and that the preliminary work was completed.

The Turkish president also expressed hope that this year, they would send messages for world peace both in Cyprus and across the globe. Rumours are that Erdoğan will make announcements on Maraş (Varosha), new diplomatic ties with several countries, the announcement of a new military and naval base on the island and a proposal to switch to a presidential system in the north.

The CTP, in a long 16-point statement explaining the reasons it would shun the special session, said, among other things, the relationship between Turkey and the north was slipping from the correct path and that it was not sustainable.

It also referred to intervention in the north’s internal politics, democracy and administration and added that this situation did not benefit the Turkish Cypriots either within the framework of their rightful status at the intercommunal negotiations and in the international community that they were trying to be a part of.

CTP also said it never believed that no solution was a solution, that the status quo was sustainable nor that this benefitted the Turkish Cypriots. It also cited the fact that no meetings with opposition parties were included in Erdogan’s schedule which meant there would be no exchange of views or dialogue.

The TDP said they would not take part in a protest over Ankara’s interference in the political will of the Turkish Cypriot community and the attacks on the north’s democracy. The party said Ankara’s continued interference in their domestic affairs only served to strengthen the perception that the north was a sub-administration of Turkey.

The TDP also argued that Ankara has “systematically ostracised Mr Mustafa Akıncı,” intensifying its threats and pressure on the Turkish Cypriot community. Touching on the Cyprus issue, the TDP also argued that the two-state model is Ankara’s foreign policy project which will give Turkish Cypriots the short end of the stick, forcing them to lose what has been achieved through the course of the Cyprus negotiations.

Both parties complained that Erdoğan had no tolerance for the opposition in the north.

In no surprising fashion, the Peoples’ Party (HP) announced that it will attend the meeting out of diplomatic courtesy to the head of another state.

In a written statement, the HP pointed that the National Unity Party (UBP), the CTP and the HP had all agreed to allow Erdoğan to speak in parliament. It also warned that such moves which will only serve to further polarize groups within the community will not benefit anyone as was the case in the latest presidential elections.

The HP also said the party submitted written proposals to the Parliamentary Advisory Board to implement the necessary security measures in order not to repeat incidents that had been experienced in 2018. (During the oath-taking ceremony in the parliament, protestors outside Avrupa newspaper had climbed on the roof of the parliament as police stood by and watched.

The HP also underlined the importance of establishing a balanced relationship with Turkey based on mutual respect as two equal states.

In the meantime, Koral Aşam, president of the Federation for revolutionary workers’ trade unions (DEV-İŞ) saluted the TDP and the CTP for their stance on Erdoğan’s address of the parliament. Aşam in a statement issued from DEV-İŞ on Friday said as a result of the decision, the Turkish Cypriot community “has blown away the cobwebs on the societal struggle.”

He stressed that the only way to be united with the world and for solution and peace on the island is federal Cyprus. “Any model other than a federal solution is nothing but a dream,” he said adding that the TDP and the CTP would most likely pay the price for their boycott.

“It is at that time the responsibility will fall on all the progressive, democratic and peace forces in the north,” Aşam stressed, adding that DEV-İŞ will be on the forefronts of the struggle. The Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) also expressed its support to the CTP and TDP.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy and Energy Erhan Arıklı chastised the CTP and TDP parties and said they would be missing the opportunity to witness such an important event as the address of the president of the only country recognising the north. This will be the first time Erdoğan will address the Turkish Cypriot parliament.

The Turkish president will be arriving in the north on Monday, along with a large entourage and will be attending morning prayers on Tuesday marking the start of the four-day religious holiday of Eid-al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice). Although unconfirmed, reports said he is to pray at the Bilal Aga masjid, a small mosque without a spire, located in the fenced-off area of Maraş (Varosha), the part which is open to visitors. Works were underway to restore the religious site.

>> Relationship between Turkey & the north is slipping from the correct path & is unsustainable.
>> Intervention in the north’s internal politics is against the interests of TCs in terms of the negotiations & efforts to become part of the international community.
>> CTP never believed that no solution is a solution, that the status quo is sustainable nor that this benefitted TCs.
>> Erdoğan ignores opposition parties which means no exchange of views or dialogue.

>> Ankara’s interference in the political will of the TC community & attacks on the north’s democracy is unacceptable.
>> Ankara’s continued interference in TCs’ domestic affairs only serves to strengthen the perception that the north is a sub-administration of Turkey.
>> Two-state model is Ankara’s foreign policy project which will harm TCs.

>> Important to establish a balanced relationship with Turkey based on mutual respect as two equal states.

Bicommunal joint declaration calls on leaders to work for BBF

Negotiations Process


The actions taken in Maraş (Varosha) do not help the solution and they contradict the UNSC resolutions serving the permanent division of our island, according to a bicommunal joint declaration signed by 114 Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot organisations.

The joint declaration was presented on Friday during a press conference by a delegation representing the 114 organisations.

They call upon the leaders to resume the negotiations process for a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem immediately, based on an EU Member Bi-zonal, Bi-Communal “United Federal Cyprus” (BBF) with a single sovereignty, single citizenship and single international personality, as stated in the United Nations resolutions and from the point it stopped in 2017, therefore with the convergences reached by the two sides, the Joint Declaration of the two leaders and the Guterres Framework, we call upon them to proceed avoiding actions that will create further tension.

“The continuation of the division of our country, economic hardship, the ongoing tension in the Mediterranean region, the armaments race, the risk of war, migration-related issues and suffering are the sad realities caused by the continuation of the Cyprus problem” the joint declaration read.

They stressed that turning the sharing of hydrocarbon reserves into a cause of tension and war will not provide any benefit for anyone. Tension policies increase the armaments race in our country turning our island into a military camp”.

The initiative also stressed that the federal solution is the only feasible option before the island while the other models are far from being realistic. “The future of the two communities in Cyprus is common. We can bring about stability in our country and our region through a peaceful United Federal Cyprus for the benefit of the generations to come,” the declaration said, adding that peace cannot be achieved through arms or by avoiding negotiations or waging a blame game.

The organisations note that “combating natural disasters together, acting together in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, facilitating crossing, cooperating in fighting crime, eliminating chauvinist, nationalist and racist discourses in educational systems and adhering to the decisions of the United Nations on the subject of Maraş (Varosha) will be important steps on the way to a solution and will increase the sense of trust between the communities”.

Bicommunal initiative
>> Actions taken in Maraş (Varosha) do not help the solution & contradict the UNSC resolutions serving the permanent division of Cyprus.
>> Leaders should resume talks for a BBF solution in Cyprus with a single sovereignty, single citizenship & single international personality in line with UN resolutions.
>> Chronic problems in Cyprus & the region caused by non-solution of Cyprob.
>> Using hydrocarbons to raise tensions will not benefit anyone.
>> BBF is the only feasible solution in Cyprus.
>> Solving outstanding problems will support the solution process & sense of trust between two communities.

UCN staged a protest at Maraş (Varosha)

Property, Territory


A group of activists from the bicommunal peace movement UniteCyprusNow (UCN) staged a protest in the recently opened parts of Maraş (Varosha) on Friday. The activists who met at the fenced-off town held hand-in-hand giving messages for peace and solidarity.

In the statement made in Turkish and in Greek during the protest, the activists said the Turkish and Greek Cypriots of Famagusta are “together.”

“We have always understood each other very well and our pains and happiness had always been shared. After getting to know each other, we have struggled together and we are now hand-in-hand in Maraş (Varosha),” the activists said.

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