GCC Press Review 26 Oct 2021

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They put water in their wine about Osman Kavala

Five countries took a step back after Erdogan’s threats for the deportation of ambassadors. The embassies of the US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and New Zealand in a statement, according to Turkish media, declare that they will abide by Article 41 of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

  • (EDEK row) Yiannakis Omirou: he picked up the gauntlet and replies to Sizopoulos
  • (National Guard) Athletes declared as mental health patients – Their health cards are being cancelled.
  • Warning by (Stella) Kyriakides: The pandemic isn’t over
  • (Greece’s PASOK leader) Fofi Gennimata: She fought bravely but she was defeated (by cancer)
  • The traffic cameras are operating since yesterday, an abundance of warnings


Everyone on alert again

The percentage of the vaccinated elderly who are hospitalised is now 40 per cent to 45 per cent. Booster shots for those who have received the J&J, after two months.

  • The terms of reference are key for the appointment of  the special envoy
  • Omirou on a frontal attack against Sizopoulos
  • The Vienna Convention gave Erdogan a way out – His threats have sunk the Turkish lira.
  • Fofi Gennimata gave her last battle (with cancer), she died unfairly
  • It took 15 years for the traffic cameras to return – Scores of violations on the first day of testing.


Acquiring a house should not be a privilege for the few

AKEL: The socio-economic criteria for housing schemes need to be assessed. New raises in the cost of building materials have made the acquisition of housing a privilege for the few. With its inaction, the government is shattering the dreams of young couples. The amount of state subsidies needs to be adjusted.

  • Mustafa Akinci: Economic, political bankruptcy and corruption deeply affect the TCs
  • Event: Everyone on Saturday outside the Presidential Palace (to protest) against corruption
  • The Delta Plus variant was detected in two of the 279 samples through specialised analysis

Cyprus Mail

Delta Plus variant arrives in Cyprus

Current estimates say it is around 10% more transmissible.

  • DISY leader offers to help kids in RoC ID stalemate
  • Traffic cameras up and running


AKEL-PEO are now organising marches and… unrest

Over high prices and the Pandora Papers. With targeted measures, they are dangerously stirring up trouble for party gains. (Gov. spokesman) Pelekanos: Those trying to use the Pandora Papers for party gains will be proven wrong again. It was AKEL that had objected to the closing down of shell companies on the excuse that this would ‘harm relations with Russia’.

  • Civil War to the end in EDEK – Party top brass against Sizopoulos. (General Secretary of EDEK’s Central Committee) Terepeis refuses to resign and is reporting the destruction of evidence. Harsh talk and heavy accusations by both sides.
  • New negative record: The Turkish Lira is taking a tumble, the occupied areas are suffering
  • Traffic cameras: More than 490 violations within a few hours
  • Fofi Gennimata: She died of cancer at the same age as her mother and father (who both died of the same disease)
  • Change of stance by ambassadors in Ankara on the deportation issue

Main News

New envoy coming soon, but terms of mandate still a riddle

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


The appointment by the UN Secretary-General of a special envoy on the Cyprus problem is imminent, what’s left is an announcement on who this might be and their mandate, Phileleftheros reports.

Citing statements by negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis to state broadcaster CyBC, the paper reports that it is expected that the UNSG will appoint a new envoy on the Cyprus problem within the coming weeks.

Mavroyiannis stressed that there should be absolute clarity that the envoy should have the power and the mandate to lead to the resumption of substantive negotiations within a deadline.

The daily also reports that the UNSG is under pressure by permanent members of the Security Council for the appointment of an envoy on the Cyprus problem. Some of the members believe that the Turkish actions in Varosha and Karpasia, but also in the Republic of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone were due to the lack of talks. They assess that the appointment of an envoy would contribute positively and such acts would be avoided.

Some other members, such as Russia, are putting pressure so that the Security Council has a more active role on the Cyprus problem, a position with which the GC side agrees but not the TC one that has shown it wants to keep the Security Council at bay as much as possible, the daily reports. It adds that the Turkish side insists that the envoy will be the UNSG’s personal envoy and not a special envoy with a mandate by the Security Council. For the Turkish side, the mission of the person who will be appointed to deal with the Cyprus issue will be a two-state solution, Phileleftheros reports.

The dailies also report on statements by TC leader Ersin Tatar to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In an interview Tatar said the TCs have earned their right to self-determination after their positive vote for the Annan Plan, and that the future now lies in two states with good neighbourly relations. Tatar also said that a unitary state based on federal principles would mean that the majority would assimilate the minority while Turkey would be asked to withdraw from Cyprus. But Turkey, as a guarantor, has the right to keep troops on the island. Turkey will never leave Cyprus, he reportedly said.

Tatar also refuted claims he was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s puppet. He said they have a relationship based on respect with Erdogan and though he always coordinates with Turkey on important matters, he has remained true to his line, which can be attested by his articles and books published throughout the years. He also said that there is no Cypriot nation but rather two different peoples on the island: Greeks and Turks.

Alithia reports that Tatar appears provocative again with his statement that Turkey will never leave the island.

Cyprus Mail also reports on a new documentary by TRT World, the Turkish state broadcaster’s international programme, on TCs that was to be released on Monday, in a bid to boost the Turkish side’s call for a two-state solution.  The TV channel said that the documentary Turkish Cypriots’ Struggle for Survival aims to shed light on the persecutions the community suffered between the late 1950s and 1974, the daily reports.

Mavroyiannis (GC negotiator)
It is essential that the new UN envoy’s mandate is clear that his/her task will be the resumption of substantive negotiations within a deadline.

The future in Cyprus lies in two states and not a federal formation that would lead to assimilation of TCs by GCs & Turkey’s withdrawal from island, which must never happen
>> Refutes claims of being Erdogan’s puppet since he remains true to own line of many years.
>> There is no Cypriot nation but only two different peoples on island: Greeks & Turks.

DISY leader to help two siblings with GC mother & TC father get RoC ID

Cyprus Mail, Haravgi
Migration & Citizenship, Human Rights


Cyprus Mail reports that DISY leader Averof Neophytou said on Monday he would try and help the two children of a bicommunal couple get IDs since authorities have been refusing to issue the documents because they were born before their TC father got his.

Neophytou said he would try and meet with the family, living in Liopetri, in the Famagusta district after 24 Hours, a weekly show by Alpha TV, called on President Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday to help so that the two children, 12-year-old Christos and nine-year-old Theklia-Yasemina, can get Cyprus IDs.

Both children were born in the government-controlled areas to a GC mother, Soriroulla, and a TC father, Osman, but the problem stems from the fact that their paternal grandfather is from Turkey. The couple got married around 15 years ago.

In an open letter, 24 Hours said that though the government gave Osman an ID in 2015, it does not do the same for the children because they were born before he acquired the Republic of Cyprus citizenship. The children, born and raised in Liopetri, have birth certificates but they are not even covered by Gesy even though both their parents pay contributions, have never travelled abroad and they cannot do any activities that require the presentation of an ID, the letter said.

Asked on Monday about the matter, Neophytou said he would try and meet with the family to see how he could help.

“I understand the sensitive issues linked with the Cyprus problem, but human dignity and especially supporting two children is above any fear or hesitation,” Neophytou said, according to Cyprus Mail.

Haravgi, in a comment, points out the contradictions by the ruling party on the matter. It said that Neophytou will turn into Mother Theresa until the presidential elections since, being unable to compete with Anastasiades on granting citizenship to investors, he assumed a humanitarian role to help the two children. The comment points out that the interior ministry has yet to provide any explanations on the matter, but Neophytou declares he understands such sensitive matters that are linked with the Cyprus problem.  Should the children be investors to have the Cyprus ID? the daily asked.

It also points out that as long as the Cyprus problem remains unresolved the number of settlers will keep rising in the north and this population will become permanent.

Anastasiades on official visit to Thessaloniki  

Alithia, Politis
Regional/International Relations


The dailies report that President Nicos Anastasiades who is in Thessaloniki on a two-day visit stressed Cypriots’ and Thessalonians’ historic ties.

Anastasiades is in Greece’s second-largest city where he attended an event on the 200 years since the Greek Revolution and Cyprus’ participation organised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The president on Monday was the keynote speaker at the event on Cyprus’ struggles during the Greek Revolution.

He also met Thessaloniki Mayor Konstantinos Zervas.

Both men referred to the strong ties between Cypriots and Thessalonians.

Zervas said that these ties go back many years and referred to former Limassol Mayor Christodoulos Sozos who fought as a volunteer and died in 1912 in Greece during the Balkan Wars. Recalling that Limassol and Thessaloniki are Twin Cities, Zervas said that Cypriots’ participation in the Balkan Wars is something for which Thessalonians ought to be grateful because they have been taking part for many years, not only in common struggles but also in efforts for the advancement of the Greek race.

Anastasiades also mentioned that EOKA fighter Kyriacos Matsis had in the 1940s studied Agriculture at Aristotle University.

Anastasiades on Tuesday was to attend a service at the church of Ayios Demetrios in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the day of the city’s patron saint marked on October 26 and its liberation from Ottoman rule during the First Balkan War that was on the same day in 1912. The celebrations will include the 1940 Ochi anniversary, marked on October 28.

In the afternoon, Anastasiades is to attend the official celebrations in the presence of Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

AKEL calls for rally against corruption

Alithia, Haravgi
Governance & Power Sharing, Migration & Citizenship, EU Matters


Haravgi reports that main opposition AKEL is organising a protest on Saturday morning outside the Presidential Place against corruption and entanglement.

With a poster showing President Nicos Anastasiades and the phrase ‘Offshore president’ written underneath the photo, the party said it was about time for society to stand up to those who tarnish and bring shame to the country.

“They damage the credibility of institutions and the rule of law.  Now is the time to fight corruption,” the party said.

Alithia, in its main item, reports that AKEL and trade union PEO affiliated with the party, in an orchestrated manner, are trying to stir up trouble, and harm the government for petty political gains.

AKEL, on the occasion of the reference by the European Parliament to Anastasiades in its recent resolution on the Pandora Papers, is organising a march to the Presidential Palace, while PEO is organising marches next month, on November 12, in all districts against high prices in consumer goods. The coordinated actions by AKEL and PEO are clearly aimed at provoking unrest and a climate of controversy for the government and President Anastasiades, ignoring the damage caused to the country, the daily said.

The paper also cites government spokesman Marios Pelekanos who told CyBC on Monday that it was absurd for AKEL to react in such a way given that it was the party in question that had opposed the closure of shell companies in the past arguing that this would harm relations with Russia.

DISY last week pointed out that it was AKEL’s Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis who had suggested that Leonid Lebedev, the Russian mentioned in the Pandora Papers with links to Anastasiades, was granted a Cypriot passport. AKEL responded that the Pandora Papers do not refer to Lebedev’s acquired citizenship but to the entanglement of companies, the daily reports.

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